SoFay Farmhouse

yellow bedroom
Front Porch

My family and I were taking a 10 day trip to Northwest Arkansas in July and I began to scour the Airbnb site to find the perfect spot.

Northwest Arkansas is known for their outdoor sports like hiking, canoeing, camping, etc. as well as the Razorbacks (Woooo Pig Sooooiiieee).

I wanted to stay in a place that had that farmhouse feel to really get back to my roots ( I am an Arkansas native).  When I came upon this adorable living room photo and such a high host rating – I knew it was meant to be.

Living Room

We chose the SoFay Farmhouse mainly because of the amazing photos as well as the space. This home has an amazing wrap around porch with a porch swing and a gas grill.

There are tons of windows letting in natural light early in the morning and throughout the day.

However, if you like your privacy, they had the best Roman shades (sorry the designer in me had to point that out).

entry way

Upon arrival, there was a cozy little entrance with a guest book to tell a little story about your stay while in the home.

I must admit – I read every page, picturing the wedding guests to the graduates who had stayed there for at least a night to celebrate life.


From Pottery Barn white dishes to Emeril Lagasse serving utensils, I felt like I was in an upscale home and being hosted by someone who got the fact that when I am away from home – I still want all of my amenities from home.

From my own experience in traveling, most Airbnb’s or rentals tend to give you the basic dishes, etc. but this was the hostest with the mostest!

doughnut sign

Normally, on vacation you do not want to cook, but when you have top of the line coffee makers and appliances – a great breakfast is a must! We made pancakes with eggs and strawberries our first morning and this host has thought of everything! We never had a time when we were like “Oh crap, I didn’t think of bringing that,” it was already there!

dining table

There was a Tool box full of wine corks and beer tops from each person that had  “documented their stay” and enjoyed a glass of wine on the host. You can toss your top into the box – almost feels like you can envision each person’s stay from what they left behind in the beat up old tool box below the FARMERS MUTUAL sign! I spent just a few moments looking through the little treasure box. LOVED!

upstairs loft

Upstairs, there was an adorable loft that had it’s own living area and bed. The room also had a huge TV and a console full of board games for the family to play, as well as video games. They thought of everything! The adorable bed was delicately laid on wooden pallets, giving that cool farmhouse vibe! All of the linens were soft and clean along with adorable pillows and throws.

master bathroom

In the master bathroom there was Evelyn & Crabtree lotion, organic body wash, soap and conditioner! Everything was very organic throughout.

yellow bedroom

We loved the décor in every room and it made it fun to decide who would get which room, because we felt like each room had a different personality – deciding who’s personality fit each room was fun!

My mom got the room we called the “yellow room” due to the adorable bedding!

Overall, we had an amazing night sleep every night! We had family cookouts, my grandmother’s 76th birthday dinner, and a beautiful resting Sabbath in this adorable home. We had amazing, plush towels, organic soaps and cleaners (which is huge to me), as well as a beautiful wrap around porch with a porch swing and rocking chairs.

We spent several nights out on the swing with my grandmother after dinner, and even my husband and I enjoyed a good ol’ talk on the rockers with our morning coffee. Speaking of coffee, they have amazing hand made mugs that were made locally and for purchase. Don’t forget to grab one to take home.

One last goodbye! As we shut the door – we loved this adorable living area!